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KCB Solutions

Imbedding Safety & Security

KCB is an industry leading manufacturer of specialty high reliability RF and Microwave technologies imbedded in the most demanding pursuits of greater safety and security.

For almost 20 years, KCB has been applying its company culture of innovation, precision, and quality proprietary technology to the manufacture of highly engineered switches, amplifiers, and attenuators. KCB’s customers in Defense and Space rely on KCB’s advanced microwave semiconductor technologies to serve mission-critical applications that require the highest levels of reliability, accuracy, and ruggedness.

Investment Date: 02/2011

Status: Exited

Vertical: RF & MW

Headquarters: Shirley, MA

Founded In: 2003

KCB Solutions Rocket
KCB Solutions Components
KCB Solutions Semiconductors

Accessing the Final frontier

With over a decade in partnership with KCB, Artemis’ strategic capital and operational advisory has enabled KCB to offer an ever expanding line of off the shelf products designed specifically for harsh environment applications. From fully integrated, custom RF and microwave surface-mount components to off the shelf hybrids, KCB’s accredited design and manufacturing is capable of serving small volume engineering customers and high volume OEMs with those RF and microwave products that offer superior output, noise, linearity, and efficiency specifications. 

KCB's components serve the intersection of two of the most demanding and essential end-markets: defense and space. It has truly been a pleasure to see Artemis' investment, strategic guidance, and support positively impact the company's ability to enable a safer and more secure future with high frequency RF components."

Peter Hunter, Managing Director, Artemis

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