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Adcole Corporation


Adcole Corporation is a world-leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision, tight tolerance metrology devices critical to global efforts to realize a more mobile, sustainable, and productive future.

For over 60 years, Adcole Corporation has been recognized for the quality, precision, and reliability of its automated gaging systems, advanced software solutions, and complementary gage accessories. Adcole’s Aerospace, Defense, Industrial, Robotics, and Energy customers come to the company for the differentiated versatility, durability, and accuracy of its systems because their mission-critical applications demand a level of exacting tolerances with narrow confidence intervals. 

Investment Date: 05/2014

Status: Exited

Vertical: Metrology

location: Marlborough, MA

Founded In: 1957

Closeup Adcole 1000
Adcole Collaboration
Adcole Crankshaft Gage Robot


At Adcole Corporation, partnership with Artemis enabled the company to engage in the rapid development and commercialization of new technologies, increased operational efficiency, and realignment towards consistent and recurring revenue streams.

 On March 31, 2020, Artemis divested of the Adcole Maryland Aerospace division of the business, to AE Industrial Partners, allowing the Artemis-Adcole partnership to focus on the metrology and gaging portion of the business. Adcole Maryland Aerospace has been at the forefront of space exploration since its foundation, providing satellite components that are integral to the success of hundreds of low-earth orbit, geosynchronous, and interplanetary spacecraft missions.


Be sure to stay tuned for the many exciting updates to come, interact with the In Focus content below to learn more about Adcole’s impressive technologies and team, and follow the Artemis and Adcole LinkedIn. Onwards!

"Over the past 57 years, Adcole has built its reputation as the trusted standard for mission-critical measurements across the automotive, industrial, and aerospace markets. Built upon one of Artemis most impressive Artemis portfolio company innovators, Adcole's company culture is one marked with a service, quality, and precision mentality.

Euan Milne, Principal, Artemis

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