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Ohio Tool Works

OTW is a manufacturer of differentiated high-precision honing equipment foundational to enabling trends towards greater security and productivity.

For almost 20 years, OTW has built a reputation for quality, precision, and reliability upon a portfolio of differentiated and proprietary honing equipment systems, complementary components, and conventional abrasives and super-abrasives. OTW’s Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, and Energy customers depend on the company’s production capacities, power, and speed when honing metals from aluminum and brass to Inconel and Hastelloy.

Investment Date: 03/2013

Status: Exited

Vertical: Robotics & Automation

Headquarters: Ashland, OH

Founded In: 1996

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Levering Towards Safety & Security

Through organizational development, operational efficiency, and the addition of key growth end-markets like aerospace and defense, Artemis and OTW worked together for 7 years to build a differentiated asset within the industry, validated by the 2021 sale of OTW to Hardinge, Inc. 

On August 31, 2021, Artemis, OTW, and Hardinge came to a definitive agreement executing the sale of OTW to Hardinge. Artemis’ team is incredibly satisfied with the outcome of this realization. The cooperation, determination, and shared vision established between the OTW team and Hardinge’s leadership throughout the realization process will only serve to further leverage Artemis’ contributions to OTW and the global human demand for greater productivity, safety, and security.

OTW's industry leading precision, quality, and durability has enabled its products to penetrate new markets with innovation and service. Their customers depend on OTW's products as one of the most critical aspects of their manufacturing process. We see an exciting future for OTW at Hardinge and look forward to the continuing success our industrial automation partnerships."

James Ward, Managing Director, Artemis

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