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Artemis Portfolio Company Founders

Meet the leaders who
built tomorrow.

the founder mentality

Many people will have a great idea at some point in their life, that, if realized, would change their industry. However, only a few people, driven by their vision, courage, and persistence, will actually turn that idea into a reality. Those who go on to found Industrial Tech companies will inevitably face down some of the most challenging aspects of business ownership on a daily basis; new product development, customer acquisition dynamics, and competitive markets. The founders of Artemis’ portfolio companies are these people.

They saw the technology necessary for a brighter tomorrow, risked their own futures to see it realized, and stood at the helm of decades of historical innovation. Artemis chooses to elevate the stories of those people who shaped today and made tomorrow possible because much of what founders do for their business – and sacrifice within their lives – goes on behind the scenes.

From idea to artemis


Passionate Conviction

In the face of seemingly unending obstacles, it is often the leader’s passionate convictions that gets new businesses off the ground


Integrity and Authenticity

Starting with integrity and authenticity, those customers that have been with them for decades know that they can expect excellence. 


Collaboration and Partnership

These founders recognized that building a roster of talented leadership and manufacturing personnel would be critical to their success. 


Fearless Innovation

Using the voice of the customer, market demand, and R&D as a foundation, it is their fearlessness that leads to breakthrough innovation.

In many ways, the Artemis team is inspired by these individuals and attempts to honor them through our commitment to building their companies into middle-market leaders. We take pride in preserving the values these founders instilled in their businesses: quality, integrity, and service, fortified by innovation and an eye for opportunity.


At the end of the day, the goal of building upon these companies and accepting responsibility for the wellbeing of those that work there is something Artemis takes very seriously. The gravity and magnitude of this responsibility is not lost on us. As you read their stories, we hope that you will help us preserve the legacy of these innovators not only through the remembrance of who they were, but also by seeking to emulate the values they instilled in their businesses.

Stories like that of Addison Cole remind me of many of the stories we hear when discovering new opportunities. So often those companies that Artemis is most interested in were founded by people unwilling to be deterred, by circumstance or obstacle, in their unwavering pursuit of progress and innovation.

Jesse Moran, Vice President, Artemis

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