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A Healthier and Safer Tomorrow

Artemis’ vision is to buy and build deeply impactful Industrial Tech businesses that enhance global health, security, and productivity.

We aim to do this while acting as a catalyst for industry-wide operational and philosophical progress toward equality, transparency, and accountability in private equity and manufacturing.

Artemis Vision

Reshaping conventional models and biases means thinking and acting differently. It means finding the places within the PE model where we can do better. It means reevaluating investment approaches, hiring practices, and community relationships to reflect the values that the next generation should not and will not compromise.


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Attaining Vision through values

There are fundamental and foundational principles required to make these ambitions a reality. Artemis uses a set of core values to guide our decisions so that the firm can make a meaningful contribution to this effort. Innovation, Decisiveness, Resilience, Humility, Inclusion, and Commitment. These values unlock the potential of individuals and corporations alike towards greater economic, social, and cultural impact.

Turning Values into Action

  1. Innovation: Technologies, processes, strategies. Strive for progress in everything
  2. Decisiveness: Uncertain leadership breads chaos. Confident leadership breads success
  3. Resilience: Ownership comes with adversity. Stick to the strategy and adapt where necessary
  4. Humility: Company building is a big responsibility. Keep that in mind when making decisions
  5. Inclusion: More voices from more viewpoints. It’s the right way operate and a competitive edge 
  6. Commitment: Team buy-in is essential. These values have to be more than just marketing
advanced manufacturing specialty chemicals rf microwave private equity artemins industrial tech boston

When implemented at Artemis and our Portfolio Companies, this strategy leads to more successful, more impactful, and more responsible businesses contributing to a healthier, safer, and more productive future.