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Adcole Maryland Aerospace


Adcole Maryland Aerospace (AMA) is a leading manufacturer of high-reliability optical sensing and star tracking satellite components ensuring reliable connectivity, discovery, and security.


Since the dawn of space exploration, AMA has been providing mission critical, high reliability, optical sensors, star trackers, and star cameras for low-earth orbit, geosynchronous, and interplanetary spacecrafts. Governments and commercial space customers look to AMA for guidance, navigation, situational awareness, and control capabilities when looking to serve military intelligence, telecommunications, scientific research, space exploration, and weather applications.


Investment Date: 04/2017

Status: Exited

Vertical: Sensors & Instrumentation

Headquarters: Marlborough, MA

Founded In: 1957


AMA Sensors
AMA Sun Sensors
Adcole Maryland Aerospace Sensors

Throughout the Acdole Maryland Aerospace-Artemis partnership, the company saw great success within various strategic facets of the business. Through the acquisition of many strategic governmental and nongovernmental space exploration customers, expanded portfolio of highly differentiated intellectual property, and value-added strategic partnerships, The Adcole Maryland Aerospace division of the company became ready for integration into a more permanent home, finding its logical place at Redwire Space.

Adcole Maryland Aerospace was one of Artemis' most exciting investments given the company's high-tech product offerings and mission-critical space exploration end-markets. It is an honor to see our products, strategically supported by Artemis, enabling a greater sense of global connectivity and understanding of our world and the final frontier for mankind.

James Ward, Managing Director, Artemis

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