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Lab Automation Excellence

BioDot is a distinguished manufacturer of high-throughput, ultra-low volume liquid dispensing technologies using lab automation to serve the global human demand for a healthier and safer future.


For over 25 years, BioDot has leveraged a culture of R&D, production efficiency, and customer satisfaction to bring some of the world’s most precise microliter, nanoliter, and picoliter automated, non-contact, and high throughput liquid dispensing systems. BioDot’s Life Sciences, Research, and Academic customers come to BioDot for efficient solutions for diagnostic, cytogenetic, and biotechnology applications.

Investment Date: 03/2020

Status: Exited

Vertical: Lab Automation

Headquarters: Irvine, CA

Founded In: 1994

Biodot non-contact technology
Biodot Custom Designs
Precise BioJet


Notably, BioDot was instrumental in the global COVID-19 supply chain, enabling approximately one billion tests within the first 12 months of the outbreak. In conjunction with the implementation of Artemis’ value creation plan, BioDot’s leadership and employee base adapted seamlessly to supply chain bottlenecks, 24-hour productions schedules, and coronavirus restrictions to meet a seemingly unending demand.

With BioDot’s impressive capabilities, improved operational efficiency, and increased scale on display, it was clear that the natural progression of BioDot meant finding a more permanent home for the business. On June 17, 2021 Artemis Announced its Sale of BioDot to ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc (TSX:ATA).

I know I speak for the whole team when I say that Artemis' partnership with BioDot was a truly humbling experience. From the moment the Coronavirus Pandemic took hold in 2020, BioDot's team stepped up to the plate: a constant reminder that, as we try to enable global trends towards greater health and longevity, what we do is only made possible through the perseverance and agility of our incredible portfolio company employees."

James Ward, Managing Director, Artemis

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