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Superior Technical Ceramics

over a century of manufacturing expertise

Superior Technical Ceramics (STC) is a world leading ceramic technology platform providing advanced material solutions utilized to achieve greater sustainability, security, and health.


For over 120 years, STC’s reputation for innovation, material excellence, and customer satisfaction has been verified by its suite of industry leading alumina, silicate, nitride, and zirconia ceramic compounds. With customers in Aerospace, Defense, and Semiconductor, STC is capable of providing ceramic technologies that solve for thermal, corrosive, and shock challenges to mission-critical guidance and navigation components, surgical instruments, cable interconnects, and Faraday insulators, among others.

Investment Date: 10/2018

Status: Current

Vertical: Advanced Materials

Headquarters: St. Albans, VT

Founded In: 1898

STC Ceramics
Ceramics for the toughest conditions
Ceramics Engineer STC


For almost 3 years, Artemis and STC have worked together to gain new material capabilities, align behind transformative corporate strategies, and enhance operational & capital efficiencies. As a result, STC has demonstrated world-class scalability and profitability.

In late 2020, STC completed the acquisition of IJ Research, a ceramics manufacturer specializing in applications that include electrical feedthroughs and opto-electronic windows, along with various ceramic-to-metal seals and bonds. As a result of the acquisition, the STC-IJR partnership creates a greater ability to satisfy a more diverse spectrum of their customers’ needs in terms of reliability, tolerance, and durability.

Lee Nichols — STC

Employee Spotlight

Meet Lee Nichols | CNC Machinist

Over the course of his 9 years with the company, Lee has become one of STC’s leading CNC Programmers. Driven by his positive attitude and leadership capabilities, Lee consistently sets the tone for the rest of the team and delivers solutions the company’s most complex challenges.

STC Logo

Since acquiring STC, the Artemis team has worked closely with STC’s amazing material scientists, engineers, and production specialists to leverage the company’s founding legacy of oxide ceramics expertise, flexible manufacturing, and strong brand reputation into a larger, more efficient, and more agile Ceramic Technology platform.

Olly Forrer, Vice President, Artemis


Be sure to stay tuned for the many exciting updates to come, interact with the In Focus content below to learn more about STC’s impressive technologies and team, and follow the Artemis and STC LinkedIn. Onwards!

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