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McDanel Advanced Material Technologies


McDanel is an industry leading manufacturer of mission-critical tubular ceramic components serving human health & longevity, safety & security, and productivity demand trends.

For over a century, McDanel’s commitment to the quality, innovation, and manufacturing excellence has positioned it as the preferred provider of high purity Alumina, Mullite, stabilized Zirconia, and Sialon material components. Industrial, Medical, Aerospace and Defense customers rely on McDanel’s products for their resistance to corrosive environments and performance at ultra-high temperatures where the failure of the material to withstand environmental conditions are critical to the successful operation of larger systems and the achievement of project objectives.

Investment Date: 10/2022

Status: Current

Vertical: Advanced Materials

Headquarters: Beaver Falls, PA

Founded In: 1918

McDanel Industrial Technology Ceramics
McDanel Ceramics Tube
McDanel Aerospace

Leveraging Artemis’ experience and track record with Advanced Materials, McDanel represents a highly defensible platform whose mission is to serve its customers with a unique portfolio of high purity products and excellent service, while providing a stable and high-quality environment for employees."

Rudi Coetzee, Operating Partner, Artemis


With McDanel in its first year under the Artemis banner, the company is quickly responding to corporate, strategic, and organizational development initiatives while maintaining the level of service and partnership customers have come to expect.


Be sure to stay tuned for the many exciting updates to come, interact with the Insights below to learn more about McDanel’s impressive technologies and team, and follow the Artemis and Lucas LinkedIn. Onwards!

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