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Dr. Thomas


BioDot Co-Founder

Dr. Thomas Tisone

Fearless Ownership and Innovation

Dr. Thomas Tisone built his life and his businesses upon the bedrock of his visionary ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and fearless pursuit of research and development. The influence of the products that he was responsible for inventing and commercializing cannot be understated. Founding two business in his life, his story is one that continues to inspire those who knew him to take-risks, lead with conviction, and ultimately usher in a brighter tomorrow.


Dr. Tisone’s entrepreneurial style could be summed up in one simple phrase: customer obsession. With the endearing moniker of “We Can Do That”, it is no suprise that BioDot was infused with the customer focus embodied by its founder. Similarly, and as evidenced by the fact that BioDot has many examples of parents working alongside their children, his servant leadership style enabled the average employee tenure to exceed 20 years.  


At the end of the day, what made Dr. Tisone such an impressive thought leader, entrepreneur, and inventor was the seemingly insatiable hunger for innovation ingrained in his every day decisions. In speaking with Kelly Tisone, BioDot’s Head of Marketing, she sought to ensure that the Artemis team would carry this same spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that Dr. Tisone had made such a central part of BioDot’s culture. 

Tom wasn't happy if we weren't inventing something that could satisfy what the customers were going to ask for. His vision, fearlessness, and mentorship within BioDot's R&D efforts have been beyond essential to the company's historic and ongoing successes.

Kelly Tisone, Head of Marketing, BioDot

the Cutting Edge of an Industry

Being a visionary entrepreneur is about more than just seeing for the future needs of a relatively new industry. In the case of Dr. Tisone it meant being able to correctly diagnose near and long term industry trends, navigate the innumerous challenges of business ownership, and affect the innovation necessary to be the prefered provider of the solution. 


Lacking an MBA and the desire to engage in corporate politics, Dr. Tisone realized that if he wanted to see his vision for the future of lab automation, he was going to have to step out on his own and forge his own path. Putting standardization at the center of his plan for BioDot, he built a platform that could simultaneously provide the scale and customization that has lead to decades long customer relationships. 


The importance of those relationships, and his work in establishing them, was demonstrated in 2020 as the Coronavirus Pandemic commanded the attention of the entire world. Across the globe, the work done by Dr. Tisone, and the great team he assembled, enabled over a billion diagnostic test that tracked community spread, individual infections, and worldwide coronavirus trends.


Perserving a legacy

After a lifetime serving the human desire for greater health and longevity through Dr. Tisone left behind a legacy that will continue to impact BioDot’s employees and the world for generations. In 2020, Artemis took on the responsibility of stewarding this impressive legacy while implementing strategic and operational growth at BioDot.

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