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On February 25, 2011, Artemis Capital Partners closed a growth equity investment in KCB Solutions, LLC.
Located in Shirley, MA, KCB was incorporated in 2003 to address a growing need in the military, aerospace, and commercial markets for high-quality Radio Frequency (“RF”) and microwave surface mount microelectronic components. In the eight years since its founding, KCB has developed into a trusted and skilled design and manufacturing partner to the largest OEMs of advanced communication systems. Today, KCB provides its customers a suite of integrated circuit (“IC”) technologies including amplifiers, attenuators, data converters, modulators, oscillators, phase shifters, sensors, and switches, along with a host of services – from customized product design to post-production testing. Leveraging its partnership with Artemis, KCB is uniquely positioned to address the increased demand in RF microwave and millimeter frequencies needed for real-time data and mobile communications. For more information on KCB Solutions and its advanced microwave products and capabilities: