Janis Research Company

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Realized 2019
Based in Wilmington, MA, Janis is a world-class designer and manufacturer of high quality cryogenic research equipment, including both cryogen-cooled and cryogen-free cryostat systems. Founded in 1961, Janis’s customer base has grown to include some of the world’s best-known research centers, academic institutions, and largest corporations. These customers use Janis’s cryogenic systems to conduct low and ultra low temperature research across a broad spectrum of research and development fields, both scientific and commercial. With fifty years of experience and nearly a third of its employees holding PhDs, Janis is a performance-proven and highly-respected player in the cryogenic industry, with a reputation for best-in-class engineering and design capabilities, quality manufacturing, ease-of-operations, day-after-day reliability, and superior post-delivery customer support. With the growth capital and strategic and operational assistance of Artemis, Janis is poised to capture the ever-growing demand for low temperature research and development.