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Omega Optical

Satisfying the World’s Most Critical Human Demands

Omega Optical is an industry leading manufacturer of those highly engineered and high precision optical filters and coatings that are quietly enabling the future of health, security, and discovery


For over 50 years, Omega’s dedication to integrity, innovation, and collaboration has led to the development of high quality sub-nm, custom fluorescence, triple-bandpass, and other highly differentiated coatings and filters critical to customers in Aerospace, Defense, Life Sciences, and other industries. From the Human Genome project and Machine Vision to the Mars Rover Spirit and LiDAR systems, Omega’s technology is consistently relied upon in applications of this world and beyond.

Investment Date: 09/2020

Status: Current

Vertical: Optics

Headquarters: Brattleboro, VT

Founded In: 1969

Omega Filters
Lens filters

Seeing the World in a New Light

Less than one year after being acquired by Artemis, Omega announced the successful acquisition of Spectral Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of mission-critical infrared optical coatings, components, and assemblies serving blue-chip OEM customers in the life science, analytical instrumentation, aerospace, and defense markets. Omega and Spectral’s partnership strengthens the company’s thin-film optical capabilities into a wide array of infrared applications and strategic focus on the most challenging optical applications.

Diana Welch — Omega

Team Member Spotlight

Diana Welch | Production Planner

Diana has been contributing to Omega’s success through strategic production planning for almost 30 years. Through her contagious optimism, tireless determination, and heart for both the company and customer, Diana enables Omega to efficiently fill more orders in less time.

When we came across Omega in 2020, the company was already imbued with the innovative culture, exceptional technical capability, and desire for growth present across the Artemis portfolio because their products are serving some of the most essential human demands every single day. We have a profound respect for the service enabled by our work on this impressive optical coatings platform and it's amazing employees.

Peter Hunter, Founder, Artemis

the partnership continues

With the Artemis-Omega partnership still in its early days, be sure to stay tuned for the many exciting updates to come, interact with the In Focus content below to learn more about Omega’s impressive technologies and team, and follow the Artemis and Omega LinkedIn. Onwards!

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