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Maury MW—Artemis Industrial Tech

Maury MW Charging Ahead with Acquisition of dBM corp

On October 5th, Maury Microwave, Inc (“Maury” or “the Platform”), Artemis’ (“Artemis” or “the Firm”) RF & Microwave Test & Measurement platform, announced the successful acquisition of dBmCorp, Inc. (“dBm” or “the Company”).

For over two decades, dBm has been a pioneering leader in the design and manufacture of wireless link emulation equipment used for research & development, qualification, and production verification testing in the satellite and wireless communication industries.

Artemis has been an active investor in RF & Microwave technologies throughout the past decade. As the industry has pushed human connectivity, safety & security, and discovery to new heights, the demand for increasingly efficient, consistent, and accurate performance technologies has led companies like dBm and Maury Microwave to develop some of the reliable technologies available to mission-critical communication systems. In this fragmented global market, Artemis sees the acquisition of dBm as an exciting first step toward building the market leader in RF & Microwave Test & Measurement technologies.

Maury President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael Howo, spoke to the added strategic value stemming from the acquisition of dBm in saying, “This directly supports our vision of an interconnected world where wireless technologies are reliable and efficient. We look forward to leveraging both companies’ technical competencies and resources to accelerate development and extend our market reach to help our customer build better products thereby ensuring reliable and efficient satellite communications.”

From Advanced Channel and Satellite Link Emulators to Synthesized Signal Generators and White Gaussian Noise Generators, dBm’s clear specialty and dominance in the SATCOM link emulation equipment – technology that accurately tests the performance of their mission-critical communications systems by emulating signal propagation through the atmosphere and non-linear distortion caused by electronic hardware – is of significant technical and strategic value to the Platform. As its Test & Measurement, Link Emulation, and Software capabilities expand, Maury and dBm together will be able to bring a greater level of commitment and satisfaction to their customers.

dBm President, Dale Syndor, highlighted Maury’s value to the Company saying, “With Maury’s help, we’ll expand our footprint both within the United States and abroad while focusing on ensuring our customers feel supported and continuing to put their faith in dBm as a trusted partner.”

Be sure to follow Maury, dBm, and Artemis to stay up to date on the bright future of this revolutionary RF & Microwave Test & Measurement platform. From innovative new technologies and continued strategic M&A activities to talent and customer acquisitions, Artemis’ RF & Microwave team could not be more optimistic about this opportunity to contribute to improved global connectivity, safety & security, and discovery.

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